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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A glimpse of the last 6 months in the Ansolabehere family!

So, I have not blogged in quite some time, but I have felt convicted because it is our memories on paper...one my children and myself love to look at and see where we have been and where God has taken us!!  So much has happened...a few birthdays (Abraham turned 11, Isabelle 7 and Ezra 9) an anniversary (14 years with the man of my dreams), a big move to CA, a couple additions to the family (the best being little miss Joelle-Marie) and so much more!!  But first, I will just begin with the final Christmas photo...one promised in my last post...yes...like...7 months ago!!  UGH!!  ;)

My sister, Katy, the kids and I butchered 4 deer outside and in our schoolroom!!!  Enough to take with us to California and last about 6 months!!  Such a blessing!!  My stepdaddy, his bro, my sister and Phil and I filled the freezer...so a HUGE thank you for them donating their kills to feed our fam!!

My little Tiny Tim with the attached deer leg...poor, sweet thing.

We were able to do some fun Easter pictures with the little ones using my sister, Katy's, beautiful bunnies!

My FABULOUS sisters did a pregnancy photo shoot with me...my first ever in 7 children!!

FINALLY...the arrival of our sweet Joelle-Marie Grace Ansolabehere!!  She was born on March 15th, 2012 and is such a special addition to our family.  I feel so blessed beyond words with the children God has loaned to us here on Earth. 
I will do a post on her birth story...hysterical!!  I wish we had captured it on film...my sister, Katy, passed out!!  Not once, but twice...and yes, she is the one with the farm...the one whom has been present at a few of my births and delivers horses and rabbits...and chickens...and goats....and cats...and whatever else lands on her doorstep...she PASSED out!!  Like the green face, convulsing, cool to the touch kind of pass out!!
HA!!  I still laugh when I think of it!!

On our way out of town...our big move to CA...we made a pitstop to Billings, MT so that the boys could dance one last time with their "crew" in competition!!
They took home a Bronze...AWESOME!!!

We made a very big move back to Bakersfield, CA.  Loved Montana, but couldn't refuse a job here...sometime sacrifices you make for the sake of your family are huge.  We are so blessed to have such a hard working man as the head of our home!!
Can't wait for the fun family visits!!  

We took some fun pictures for Mother's Day!!

We met a gorgeous family (one of my long time blog friends) in real life...and found out that there are others as crazy as we are!!!  We fell in love with the Ryans!

And Finally....PRESENT DAY:  We have added a new member to the family!!  This is our new 5 year old Brindle Boxer...we are all IN LOVE!!

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lalanada said...

Can you email me your new adress? We would love to write you! Love from Germany and thanks for your Xmas letter.
Niccy (nap66@aol.com)